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My name is Erica Leigh Liscotti. Helping  people has always been a love of mine.  My sister asked me to be present during the birth of her first child. The Doula my sister chose was very knowledgeable and helpful during her birth. This is what sparked my interest in this field. Shortly after my first baby was born, I knew I had to help women in this time of need. I had my mom, sister, and husband for support but I could have used someone more knowledgeable. when my sister became pregnant with her second child. I trained to be a Doula so I could be hers. Jan Mallak, founder of Heart and Hands, one of the most respected Doula services in Pittsburgh at the time, mentored me. My sister was my first client and she had a all natural birth.

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Throughout my career so far, I have attended many successful births. Included in my experiences are VBACS (vaginal birth after cesarean), inductions, epidurals, preeclampsia, cesareans, and many natural births. All three of my sons were all natural births and I breastfed them all for well over a year. When Jan retired, she dissolved Heart and Hands. That is when Ann and I decided to start a group of our own. We chose the name Nurturing Family because we wanted to include not only the mother but also the father and all others chosen to be part of the birth process. I love helping moms have the birth that they want, no matter what they choose, with no regrets. My husband and family are very supportive of my desire to educate and support women and their families. Hopefully we can all work together as a team.

My name is Ann LeCuyer. Through my own birth experiences I felt empowered and enabled to be a good mother. As a birth doula I want every mother to have a birth and mothering experience where she feels supported, safe, and empowered as well. Penny Simkin, co-founder of DONA, said her research found that birth is not just another day in a woman’s life. It is a day she will always remember and carry with her. A good birth team who protects a mother’s desires for her labor and enables her to birth her way helps her to feel nurtured, in control of her body ,and valid in her decisions. I am happy to be able to provide the knowledge and know-how to assist mothers in this beautiful rite of passage.

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I have been enjoying helping families as a birth doula , as a hobby and now professionally, for fourteen years. I have also recently trained to be a postpartum doula to extend to my service for families. My husband and I have four great kids. For hobbies I play guitar, banjo, and fiddle, as well as sing. We keep a backyard vegetable garden and spend quite a bit of outdoor time biking, hiking and camping. Throughout my career I have worked with the Midwife Center, having also delivered my children there. Additionally much of my professional knowledge comes from training and a close relationship with Jan Mallak of Heart and Hands Doula Service , of which I was a member. My education as a doula continues with each birth I attend and I love it.
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. Happy Birthing!

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Hi there! My name is Rachel Mine and I live with my husband in Ben Avon, PA.

My interest in becoming a doula started shortly after my sweet sister had her first child. She had a very difficult, dramatic birth that left her with a lot of negative emotions. I have always felt that birth should be a positive, moving, and exciting experience, an experience that leaves the mother feeling empowered and fulfilled. After watching my sister go through something so negative, I decided that I wanted to help other women and their families to have a positive birth experience.
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While researching how to achieve this, I came across the term doula. This term is derived from ancient Greek and means “woman who serves”. I love that! Being able to serve another woman during such an important, transformative time in her life is so exciting and fulfilling to me.

As I travel the path of a doula (currently completing my certification via DONA International) I strive to show all of the mamas I come into contact with the beauty in their birth experiences, even if there are challenges along the way. The power and innate ability that every woman possesses is incredible, and I endeavor to support mamas and help them discover their own inner strength during this miraculous time. I look forward to many years of assisting in the preparation for and birth of precious little ones!

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My name is Mary Ann. I have a mix of first-hand and educational experience when it comes to child development and child rearing. I have my bachelor’s degree from Point Park University, in which I minored in child development. I am also a seasoned yogi, practicing several variations of yoga (including prenatal), over the past 15 years. I have been involved with every setting from individual practice with DVDs, to small studios, to college classes.

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Personally, I have had four successful pregnancies – two of my own and two as a gestational surrogate carrier. My daughters are 13 and 7 years old, and my surro-babies are now 4 and 5 and a half. These experiences helped shape and forge my path towards becoming a doula. With my first daughter, I was a teenage mother, with very little emotional or physical support. I was two weeks past due and had to undergo a prolonged and difficult induction and chose to have an epidural.

With the following three, I was much better prepared and did my research. I had three unmedicated births with the midwives here in Pittsburgh and had wonderful experiences with each. These strikingly contrasting episodes have had a major impact on my perspective on the potential of the birth experience. I feel like I have gained the knowledge that a woman’s birth experience has the power to be one of the most traumatic, disparaging events in a woman’s life, and at the same time can be one of the most empowering and validating days of one’s life. Having experienced both of these extremes, I feel drawn to helping women and families create the latter.

My personal philosophy is that childbirth is an incredible, natural and significant time in a person – and a family’s – life. As mothers we have the power and control to make the most of this journey. My wish is to help as many families as possible to find the ways that help them achieve their own, personal, ideal birth vision so that they may take the next steps in their new lives with confidence and positivity.

My name is Heather and I am a mother of two in Pittsburgh. I am a doula, a stay-at-home-mom, and a CPE (Certified Professional Ergonomist)!

Giving birth to a child is such a beautiful and incredible experience – one that has changed my life in so many indescribable ways. I’ve become incredibly passionate about the entire childbirth process from my own experiences and what I’ve read, researched, and learned through stories from my friends and family. The very first pregnancy book I read was Your Best Birth. After that book, I watched the documentary The Business of Being Born.
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I then delved deep into educating myself on childbirth and what is has become in the United States. It breaks my heart to hear traumatic, painful childbirth experiences and especially from mothers (my friends!) who are not pleased with their personal experience.

So, I decided to become a doula to do what I can to help moms in this journey (and beyond?!). My friends have also repeatedly told me I would make a good doula, thus they have helped propel me into this destiny! I took my training with Jan Mallak (who is incredible) and was instantly hooked. I am MORE than excited to have an opportunity to serve women and do what I can to help create a healthy transition to motherhood.

My goal, as your doula, is to help you have the experience you desire – whatever that may be. I am here to support you, encourage you, laugh with you, educate you, massage your back when it hurts, suggest new positions to help get through labor – basically I am here to be anything and everything I can be to assist you through childbirth and your transition into motherhood.

I am thrilled you are considering hiring a doula and thrilled that you read my bio. I hope to have the chance to meet you!

PS. My picture is taken with my two children, Mary Alice and William.

Pat Wolfgang

I worked as a nurse at Magee-Womens Hospital for 35 years. The first 2 ½ years, I was a staff nurse in a unit called “Rooming-in”. As that time that unit was the only place that the dad’s could hold their babies. I loved to hand the dad his baby for the first time and see his face in awe of the miracle he was holding. In that position, I did a lot of teaching for the new mothers—bathing, breast feeding, etc.

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Then, I was offered a position as “Mother Teacher” and began to teach the General Prenatal Classes which were held in a large auditorium. Over the years, I taught Grandparents Class, Sibling Class, Adopting Parents Class, Children at Birth Class, Lamaze Classes as well as the General Prenatal Classes that were the backbone of them all. And I gave a million tours of the OB units, nurseries, and Labor & Delivery ( they built two new L&D Units while I was there). My title evolved into Consumer Educator over the years.

In 2004, I began my career as a Postpartum Doula. I love to work with new families, teaching parents and grandparents little” tricks of the trade”. Over the years I have become the “twin specialist”, having cared for many sets over night. I have also become the go-to over night specialist, since about 50% of my jobs have been over night.
During my over night shifts, I do not sleep, but keep busy with baby care, run the dishwasher, empty it, fold laundry, even cook if requested.

My husband and I have been married for 41 years and have two grown children. We have no grandchildren, so I “borrow” them for a little while as I care for and fall in love with each precious newborn.