state {chronicle engine} moves to new home

As it continues to develop, my online story, state {chronicle engine} has moved to a new wordpress powered platform. The new framework gives me some new options of how to work with the story and the complicated situations involved.

In this latest version, each chapter is accessible as a slider containing a featured image from that segment. This way you can shuffle through chapters visually, looking for a particular scene.

Additionally, I’ve arranged some of the characters, nations, and locations into categories, so if you want to, say, see all the chapters involving Gwyrriun this is now much easier.

I’ve also included a search box, and have begun creating a sort of encyclopedia of some of the story concepts to allow even more ways to encounter and explore this ongoing story.

Forest Scene (flat color)

For those who are new to chronicle engine, a quick intro: this is an account of the events of a small solar system in another galaxy. Yeah, yeah, heard it before right? Well, there are of course some major differences from the generic science fiction fantasy theme.

One of the most immediate is that state takes place across multiple time lines, in multiple ways. The chapters are not released in narrative-chronological order, first of all. Secondly the time involved continues to expand as I myself explore this world into the past and into the future. Because, strangely, the world involved in state {chronicle engine} is completely our own, and involves for the most part only events that happen here. Additionally, as the events in the story are continuing to unfold, the story is literally happening as you read it. And finally, there is the distinct possibility that you may already be a part of it.



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