project – walks


This is a personal project that I put together because its things I enjoy, and I thought other folks might enjoy it too.

Basically, it started from browsing google maps, looking around different locations. Its pretty interesting to be able to explore all these places from your computer screen. I’m a fairly seasoned walker, and I obviously would prefer to be out and about for a walk, but sometimes that’s just not possible. Also, It’s unlikely that I will at any point be able to just jump around the world going for walks different places any time soon. So…google maps fills the void.

But then, say, it gets a bit boring; no sound. So I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if you put together playlists inspired by locations, and package them together into individual web pages, with an embedded map and an embedded playlist for each site? And that’s what ‘walks’ is all about.

I’ve set up six walks:

Morning Meditation: explore Tenryu-Ji Monastery in Japan

Open Space: a hint of the vastness of Canada.

New World: a look the amazing futurism of Hong Kong.

Old World: explore the streets of Florence, Italy.

Brick: get a close look at Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Nice: relax in coastal Nice, Italy.


So take a look, let me know what you think.

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