Game – Phoney Battle

Phoney Battle is a game that I’m currently working on, and this is the first “complete” version in that its style and function are complete and usable. More functionality will be added as time goes on.

Its purpose is primarily to serve as a semi-practical work combining HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as I continue to find my way through web development.

In its current iteration, it is essentially a web-based version of a card game I developed. Each player chooses a deck, currently from a choice of three options. It works best using a cellphone, hence the name. Each “deck” is a set of 10 “cards”, each with different attack, defense, and special abilities; much like Magic, Pokemon, or similar games. The twist here is that while in these games there are cards to buy, and math to do, and each “card” is static, with Phoney Battle the math is done for you and the cards have randomized scores.

To play, each player simply chooses a deck, and then clicks the “show card” button; this will display one of the ten cards. From here you do have to think a tiny bit, just compare the different attack and defend scores to see who win; naturally the higher score wins.

Please note, this game currently features some public domain art. This will change!

Have fun!

Nobility Deck

Wild Ones Deck

Sorceror Deck

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