Unity Game, “Hanno” in development

Introducing my first game developed in Unity, titled “Hanno”.


Hanno is, certainly, an experimental/test style game. Its development has grown organically along with my grasp of the Unity Engine, though it was always intended as an encapsulated test project. The requirements were elementary: basic interface, controllable player, interactive elements, multiple levels, non-linear puzzle generation, original graphics, original music, playable online. All these goals were achieved within my chosen time window, though in having achieved them I now plan to extend the game concept and polish it. New goals include improved frame rate, increased complexity, revised soundtrack, and implementation of Android and IOS builds.

In the meantime, enjoy this mini-game inspired by the incredible explorations of one of history’s first great explorers. I’ve re-imagined Hanno’s journey as a intrepid foray into oceans unknown. While not procedural, the map will structure itself different ways depending on player actions. Play continues beyond the initial sailing element by landing on islands or encountering sea hazards such as whirpools and krakens.

In its current form I have included the most fearsome, real-life sea monster of them all: the Trash Gyres. These gargantuan monuments of garbage are real things few people seem to know about, and I intend to build out the game to more logically include this monstrosity as well as integrate defeating it more clearly into the mechanics. In the game’s current form, the player can get to a point where they control a ship with the ability to eliminate trash from ocean water, and I plan to extend this function or possibly build a new game out of this concept.

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