Linux Hanno

Here I’ll be posting development iterations of Hanno.

Backstory- my development pc crashed gloriously about a year and half ago. Logistics being what they were, replacement at the time was impossible. Thanks 100% to the generosity of a colleague, I was able to combine pieces of my old PC with a new one, with one problem- no windows license!

Well, giving up on things is definitely not what I’m good at, so I established the reborn machine as a Linux OS, using Ubuntu specifically. Overall a good experience, as to this point I’d never assembled anything inside a case or really experimented with different OSs, apart from one-off recoveries or usability testing. So jumping in, I was excited to see that, in fact, Unity does work just fine on Ubuntu, and I was able to resume my work on Hanno largely where I left off. So here I will be posting dropbox links to the usable versions as I develop them, with a goal of publishing “soon”.


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