helios spectra v.1


Ok, so this is actually a departure from the linux hanno lineage:
this is the
of helios spectra
from the alienware lineage! Thanks out to you-know-who.
Download the first version here:
helios spectra .1
helios spectra .2
-instituted 2 level variations with procedural skyboxes, revised entry menu
helios spectra 3
-revised level variations using abstracted skyboxes, added trails to generated objects, messed up a bit and instead of accessing new level button actually only refreshes current one
helios spectra 4
-revised menu, incorporated random level selector, incorporated light based variant level
helios spectra 5
-revised random level selector, entry menu, added fixed object variant level
helios spectra 6
-added sound effects on some scenes, slight change to menu, incorporated post processing effects, testing new controls
-update- controls didnt port to mobile-
helios spectra 6b
-fixed crash issues by reducing post processing, still can’t get controls to work with new system?
helios spectra 6c
-debugging build. each scene has slightly different control set up to see if any work
helios spectra 6d
-and again
helios spectra 6e
-isolated working method for control, experimenting with it three different ways; applying constant speed, using rotate instead of translate, applying old method to new input method
-and every new way worked! which is refreshing.
helios spectra 7
-more variants, updated music, tweaked opening screen slightly
helios spectra 71
-above build didn’t seem to compile correctly?
helios spectra 8
-several new scenes, soundtracks, mild animation effects
helios spectre 9 -new scenes, corrected sound bugs, incorporated objects created in blender, refined interface

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