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  • helios spectra v.1


    Ok, so this is actually a departure from the linux hanno lineage: this is the first iteration of helios spectra from the alienware lineage! Thanks out to you-know-who. Download the first version here: helios spectra .1 helios spectra .2 -instituted 2 level variations with procedural skyboxes, revised entry menu helios spectra 3 -revised level variations […]

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  • Linux Hanno

    Here I’ll be posting development iterations of Hanno. Backstory- my development pc crashed gloriously about a year and half ago. Logistics being what they were, replacement at the time was impossible. Thanks 100% to the generosity of a colleague, I was able to combine pieces of my old PC with a new one, with one […]

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  • Unity Game, “Hanno” in development

    Introducing my first game developed in Unity, titled “Hanno”. Hanno Hanno is, certainly, an experimental/test style game. Its development has grown organically along with my grasp of the Unity Engine, though it was always intended as an encapsulated test project. The requirements were elementary: basic interface, controllable player, interactive elements, multiple levels, non-linear puzzle generation, […]

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  • Progressive Math Challenge

    Progressive Math Challenge I developed this little site as a simple math challenge game. Some of the elements here are things I’m experimenting with using on other projects. Essentially, the game offers a choice of four basic arithmetic operators to choose from, then generates math problems for you to solve. Correct answers add to your […]

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  • Kraken Hunter’s Society

    Kraken Hunter’s Society An online story I am creating based on the history of the Kraken Hunter’s Society, a fictional tale set shortly after the Age of Discovery. Combining an adventurous narrative with a rich network of links allowing the reader to learn more about the places, technologies, and cultures involved, its more than just […]

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  • SCE – Explorers

    SCE-Explorers Introducing stories generated with the SCE RPG system taking place in the world of Uncharted Waters Online. Read about individual, first-hand accounts of explorers adventuring on Earth a few hundred years ago, sailing ships as far as they can and facing dangers such as storms, sharks, and natives in their quests to push the […]

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  • Game – Phoney Battle

    Phoney Battle is a game that I’m currently working on, and this is the first “complete” version in that its style and function are complete and usable. More functionality will be added as time goes on. Its purpose is primarily to serve as a semi-practical work combining HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as I continue to […]