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  • nature of sound – time reaches


    Its been a busy year, but there’s still time for music. Late in 2015 I released time reaches, one my most “musical” efforts to date. Featuring new sounds and techniques and a focus on creating cohesive songs built around a theme, rather than general sonic explorations, it has been well received by listeners. Have a […]

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  • nature of sound – dreamlion mosaic


    My latest album features a lot of hard work and experimentation with new instruments. Audiotool, Ableton Live, and various cell phone based apps make appearances throughout. Probably the highlight is inlife2, which takes importance as the first nature of sound song I have ever performed live. This album didn’t get the normal treatment of having […]

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  • nature of sound – deep lives – amazingtunes release

    nature of sound - deep lives

    Just released on amazingtunes, the new album deep lives has already had two of its eight tracks featured on amazingbeats radio shows since posting. http://hearsquare.amazingtunes.com/albums/5669 Some of these tracks are created from a combination of live PC sample manipulation and keyboard synthesizers with electronic percussion; when you are creating all the elements of the song […]

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  • 2 New albums in the works

    Completing the finishing touches on two new albums; deep lives is a collection centered around a cluster of tracks I did in preparation for a live show- its beatier, heavier than a lot of my stuff. wondrous is a collection of songs done with acoustic guitar and synthesizers, combining ambient, acoustic rock, jazz, and classical […]