A virtual game for 1+ players

This game suggests the use of other games to decide events. If a reader doesn’t have access to this game, substitute another or use another method to determine outcome, such as coin flipping.

Part 1

The Beginning

So this is it, the big day when the new colonists are selected. Many applications are received each year, but only a handful are selected to join the ranks of Colonist. These select few will be sent into space to found new settlements on other worlds. The applicants come from many backgrounds, and have just as many different aspirations. What sort are you?

Soon launch time has arrived, and you say farewell to your homeworld, turning to the great void of space.
//Ideally, have one player load a free-roaming character on Star Trek Online. If any player has a character whose role is Captain, they get to control the ship, by orders if not by manual control. If there are two or more Captains, determine a way to see who is in control. Explore until you find an earth-like planet. Either land or orbit close to end this section. A similar open-world space game could be used, or continue reading to discover the colonist’s new home//

The new world is much like your old one, and not by accident. By selecting an earth-like planet you have selected for elements like water, vegetation, and moderate landmass, to be sure of ease of habitation. Nothing else is known, however, of the animal life that may be found here, or the actual lay of the land with regards to mountains, rivers, or other important features. A landing site is chosen based on the limited known data, and soon the colonists are dropped off in sleek metal capsules that guide their occupants down from low orbit. Having viewports, each settler is able to view the incredible sight of their new world from space as well as the spaceship they have just left; a few moments between worlds.

//start a game of minecraft, a newly generated world with an alternate texture map if possible. Alien or science fiction textures/skins would be most appropriate. Alternatively, could start a similar open world sandbox science fiction game, sandbox or RPG. but NOT a shooter game. If not everyone can play at once, Captains get first pick of controller, and get to pick who plays and doesn’t. Play until you have built beds for each player + 2, a secure habitation, and a food source. If no game is available, click here to see how the early days of your colony go. //

Part 2
Now that a stable settlement has been made, its time to expand and form a more permanent foothold on this world.
// To this end, you’ll need to establish a number of settlements equal to the number of players +1. Continue using whatever game system you have used so far, or click here to continue generated narrative. Each settlement has to equal the first. It is allowed and suggested to use native villages as settlements, if they can be secured by walls for protection. //

Once a firm grounding for the new colony has been set, its time for specialists to begin assessing the new environment, and for the civilians to begin the actual work of living in this alien world.
//Now players that didn’t play before are handed controllers or otherwise given control.
Civilian: farm or gather ten resources.
Scientist: identify ten animals or plants
Geologist: identify ten types of ground
Craftsman: craft ten items
Soldier: eliminate five hostile creatures//