As I review the projects I’ve worked on, I realize that many of the ones that were never completed are still worth noting, even in incomplete states.

These projects have come to early ends for many reasons; some were initiated by entry-level clients who later cancelled their projects as other aspects of their lives took precedence. Some were only ever meant to be proposals, sketches in web-design form. Some were good ideas that simply would have taken too much valuable time to complete. Its always difficult, as a freelancer, to decide which projects to terminate and which ones to complete; I’ve found over the years that some ideas, though fine at the start, become impractical when the production begins.

So I’ve decided to share these highlights, some of my more interesting unfinished works.

Burg Balm – This client cancelled the project early on due to budget constraints; they just weren’t ready to go into business at this level. Still a great product, and I continue to hope it succeeds one day!

Sansone Chiropractic – This client chose to create an online presence using another service, but got started here. This is just one version of a requested site where the client wanted to be able to make changes themselves, with no programming knowledge, so I had begun designing a site using WordPress.

Stuff That’s Gone – I designed this voluntarily for a local person that already had a site. Their existing site was antiquated, both in design and functionality, but their concept was great, making local history more accessible. They eventually chose to focus on YouTube and Facebook for their project, and closed their traditional website altogether.

Walks – A project of my own, very old at this point, that had incorporated aspects of google maps which have since been removed from the site. An interesting concept that was well received at the time, I’ve considered going back to redo it. As it stands, a certain level of function remains.

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