How to play?

To play SCE, you will need access to an internet connection and a web browser. You will also need some kind of non-linear RPG, whether Warcraft, D&D, EQ, FF, whatever you prefer. Your character will be developed by the SCE engine and then your story will be generated. At various points the story will direct you to stop reading and play out a part using your RPG.

Your personalized adventure will begin online, through a web page built just for you. You will find a narrative tailored to you and your chosen role. Some decisions and revelations will come from the online text, some from situations arising in your existing RPG. Regardless of where a situation occurs, if the outcome involves the breaking, death, critical incapacitation, or similar condition, you have to run the Transmigratizer module to determine the outcome. 0HP is an important time in a character’s life, with possible destinies including resurrection, reincarnation, and oblivion.

The text will require that certain actions are taken to get to the next page. So, after you read it, BEFORE clicking the link, you go over to your RPG. This can be pen&paper D&D, Warcraft, Final Fantasy, any nonlinear RPG set in a medieval/fantasy context. There is also a soundtrack for each page. I understand tastes vary but these songs have been chosen as background for the scenarios, so I recommend at least giving each selection a try. Songs that are overly exotic, cheesy, or abrasive may end up adding an adventurous, comic, or unsettling atmosphere.

Player Characters in SCE

You can use a pre-existing character or make a new one. The Characterizer is a module that generates specific information for characters in terms of history and quirks that RPGs generally do not supply, deepening the personality. The character’s class or profession comes from whatever RPG you play, while there is a sort of over-class that comes from SCE called the Role.


The Role is similar to a class, but where the class gives a character abilities, the Role gives behavior. Examples of Roles are the Traveler, the Leader, the Scientist, the Resident. Quests will unfold differently for these roles, and the playing experience varies accordingly.


There are some simple rules that structure the game, review them here

The Oracles Questizer is specific to the SCE story; if you’d rather go your own way, use the generalized one.

Start SCE with The Oracles Questizer

Start SCE with The Generalized Questizer

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