Journal of Gordon Ogle – Day 8



Considering heading back to check on that girl before I go much further out. Hard to say. Could be wastin my own precious time carin for a stranger. Risking my life to head back there now.

I decide to head back tomorrow, after I see if there’s anything else of use I can get from this town. I’ve run into a couple people that need work done, mostly killing stuff though so far. Or people. Lot of fighting going on, everywhere it seems.

I did head out of town a short ways to the satellite dish. There was a couple people standing on the catwalk that encircled it but they weren’t interested in talking. The views were spectacular, the desert lit up in shades from amber to indigo. I could see the town in its entirety from here, a small pathetic thing rotting away. Why would people choose to live like this? What was going on here?

From this view, I could tell there had been an earthquake, or something. Certainly the buildings were heavily damaged. By shelling?

The dish looks rusted and filthy. I don’t think it works. Its a big disappointment. It might function, but what is it connected to? Thats probably long gone, whatever computer was connected to this massive thing. Its almost like one of those ancient statues, the giant ones from a culture long gone.

I slept up by the dish that night, let the horse out to graze, desert stars and orbital shells twinkling in the void.


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