Journal of Gordon Ogle – Day 10



Sunset is coming on. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. You don’t reailze it, growing up in the shells, what a real Earth sky is like. Sure I’ve seen pictures, but wow the colors are unreal. Though of course they are more real than most of what I’ve spent my life around. This one is rosy pink clouds skidding over a darkening cobalt blue with violet above and gold at the base. Stars glitter out of the velvet carpet overhead.
I’m feeling both better and worse. Like I got more beer; that was good. But I still don’t know where to go. It really scares me the more I think on how all these people are livin such miserable lives. Why don’t they escape? Go to the cities? ARE there cities? Or something?

This is not how it was supposed to be. We were told that the Earth was being “returned to nature” to make up for generations of exploitation and pollution. Never did anyone mention that we just left. Left all our junk and some of our folks behind to live like desperate animals. And why were they down here anyway? Criminals or something? Diseased? That makes me think of that zombie myth again. Got to be a tall tale.

Yesterday I came to a person sitting down in the middle of the road. I got closer and reailzed it was a corpse. At first I thought I’d found my first undead; but the horrible emaciated remains were just the end of some poor soul that died on the road. The person was quite dead, but I don’t know, superstition or what I couldn’t bury it. I came across more corpses on a slope outside on of the towns one day. These were worse, in a way, as they were fairly fresh. Their clothes were bloody and torn, the flesh reeking in the desert heat, the flies thick in their quest of organic recycling. I wondered what was going on. Why were they just left there, like offerings.

Night falls.

Night drains the color of the land, and it becomes monochrome under the starlight. I’m not really scared, its not really that dark and I’ve never run into anything out here at night worse than what I see during the day. Just makes eveything…spooky? Feel myself jumping at noises I would normally ignore.

Heading back to check on that girl one last time, then I’m movin on. This place is too much.


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