Journal of Gordon Ogle – Day 13


So Just as I am thinking about packing it up and just putting it all behind me, getting off the surface and back to orbit asap, this guy comes running up to me. Name is Dillon Gold, he’s wearing a sort of psuedo-military uniform. He asks me a few questions, then asks if I don’t want to join up with the group that’s been helping everyone lately. Well sure, I do, because I need help, and quick as that he gives me a hat and body armor in the style of the Blue Phoenix Empire. Then he starts on about needing to make a campfire for a ceremony. He hands me a communicator linked into what he calls his ‘clan’. Now I can see text messages from the various members close by. It seems a pretty informal organization.

He tells me to wait, then gathers the others that are close. Once every one is together, and there is a roaring bonfire on the outskirts of town, with the the desert wide beyond, he starts the ceremony. I thought it was going to be some kind of initiation, but instead it was a promotion. One of these guys went up a rank, then he told the new guy he was in charge of the rest of us. The next part was a little wierd, even for me.

We had to go out as a team and hunt coyotes together. Not so bad in some circumstances, but here the coyotes are thick as brush. It was veritable bloodbath. I didn’t have any choice to but to join in. With this level of violence I couldn’t be sure one of them wouldn’t suddenly turn on me. So I hacked away with my axe and shot several with my rifle. To be honest, I missed alot, on purpose, hoping no one would notice. I still spilled my share of blood though.

After this they all dispersed. I slept in the open by the fire; I haven’t seen a fire like that in my whole life except for the movies.

I wonder how big this “clan” is, if its just a gang in this town or far more. What have I gotten myself into?

Whatever the case, tomorrow I’m movin on. For sure this time.

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