state {chronicle engine} is played using a mixture of text-based RPG and whatever other RPG you are playing. So there will be web-based portions involving primarily text driven scenarios, which will then return you to your existing RPG be it pencil & paper D&D or World of Warcraft or whatever it is you do.

So for the web-based portions, the only rules are that you attempt to answer all scenarios in character, and follow all directions as much as possible.

For the RPG you already play, there are some modified rules.

1. That you actually play your character, using elements from the characterizer as much as possible.

2. That if your character reaches zero hit points, dies, breaks, whatever it is in your game, you consult the transmigratizer to resolve the outcome.

3. Game sessions must end in a reasonable way. Set up camp, get to an inn, go home, find a little spot somewhere; you cannot simply log-off.

4. Character must eat and drink. A good estimate is to make sure your character eats and drinks something each game session.

And that’s it. These rules combined with the characterizer, questizer, and transmigratizer have been created to enrich, renew, and deepen your experience of your existing role playing game. So many RPGs, particularly video game type, tend to descend into the same old leveling grind situations. These rules are intended to break these patterns and inject some real adventure into the situations. They should never become burdensome or a hindrance. For example, say that level 3 ranger just isn’t fun to adventure with…level grind him up to seven, get some better gear, then play by the rules again if you have to. Be flexible, have fun, but remember that the more you keep to these guidelines the more your adventure will come to life.

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