Marguerite PA formerly Klondike

Marguerite PA

formerly Klondike

This 1902 USGS map shows the coke ovens in what was first called Klondike. The Phila. and Pgh. Pike is the future Lincoln Highway and US Route 30. Hostetter and Whitney to the east both have coke operations.

This is from a Frick Co. map.

…followed but a 1912 photo.

We forgot to try and replicate the above photo, but here is a view from the southeast with the coke ovens on the right.

Getting closer to the banks of ovens.

Lots of brush would obscure the ovens in summer.

This is from on top the row looking back to Marguerite.

This oven was being used for parties.

Tires for use as seats I hope.

This modern map shows the coke oven area. Note on the next aerial photo that the Marguerite reservoir ( for the mine and ovens ) is still marked but is gone. The green arrows mark our path.

The red encircles the coke oven and mine area.

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