New Alexandria PA US 22 Bridge and PRR Station(s)

New Alexandria PA

US 22 Bridge and PRR Station(s)

New Alex is an intersection of several of our interests: abandoned Pennsylvania RR spurs, old US 22, old US 119, nearby coke ovens ( Salemville, Shieldsburg ) and coal mines ( Andrico 1,2,3 ).

The most fun is the evidence in old maps and photos of two train stations, one when the PRR ended at New Alex and a newer station nearby when the line was extended over the arch and to Andrico. On site, physical evidence exists as stone foundations and cut stone from the station(s). See below.

The above picture is the beautiful but abandoned US 22 bridge in 1973  that led into Main Street New Alexandria. It was constructed in 1935. One year later the great St Patrick’s Day Flood carried the creek over top of the bridge. It was only used for 15 years and was bypassed in 1950 when the higher, new alignment of US 22 was built for flood control . A decision was made several years ago to tear out the bridge completely. Shame.

One of the most famous sections of old US 22 is probably the least seen. US 119 and US 22 always shared the same road at New Alexandria PA since the inception of “U.S. highways”. The original 1921 interchange is located south east of the current location. The next picture is a 1973 shot with the intersection in the background with J.C.’s ’66 Mustang under the long abandoned stone arch of the Pennsylvania RR which led to the Andrico mines. The modern pic was taken in 2008.

The old postcard shows the stone arch and the steps up top the New Alex PRR station and a store / hotel. All are gone today, except for some stone foundations.

Here is the PRR station. We believe this is its second location. See the roof peak trim ? We found pieces of it at the site.

The next picture is in front of a prominent grocer at the time, Hutson’s IGA. The store was located on Main Street and was still open in 1973. It featured rare Richfield Gas Globes out front. The building still stands.

Click here to go to the PRR station-specific page.

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