Marianna PA

Marianna PA

The striking thing about entering Marianna ( founded 1907 ) ( west of Brownsville PA, south of US 40 ) is that almost every building is made of yellow brick. reports that it was intended to be a model patch town that would improve the lives of coal miners.

We tried to line up our photo with the 1910 one. You can see the school at the hilltop which is gone now. Hmm, it looks like the bigger patch houses in the middle are gone too? They look to be wood, and we did see a couple left at that level that were wood. Anyone know why ?


We came in from the eastern side, first into West Zollarsville, north to follow the railroad and see some nice abutments, then into the row of coke ovens at the far eastern end. Note this 1986 USGS maps still show the Marianna school. East Marianna is in West Bethlehem Township.

These ovens are unique ! We know of no others will this yellow brick construction.

This was the way in from West Zollarsville, then walking toward Marianna. East Marianna is to the left across the creek.

STG Boy no1 is up at the oven mouths taking pics. The borough uses this area as a dump for dirt. You can see more ovens stretching west to Marianna..

This looks curved because STG Boy no1 used a panorama feature on his camera. It is straight.